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Make Music Online Free With Music Making Tools
Make Music Online Free With Music Making Tools

Why Us

Rapathorus™ has all the sophistication you'll need in an online music making application. We have fought so hard to come up with a platform where music fans and lovers can easily record and tailor their songs without any hassles. In a nutshell, using Rapathorus™ is using the easiest software on the planet to create songs and do high quality music recording in real time collaboration with your friends.

  • Real Time Collaboration with Friends!
  • 100% Web Based. No installation required!
  • Share on all forms of Social Media easily with one click!
  • Connect your own instruments easily!
  • Artificial Intelligence based Lyrics Generator (Lyric Genie™)!
  • Straightforward all round effects!
  • Easy to use virtual instruments!
  • Overabundance of free loops!
  • Plentiful of sounds!
  • DJ mixer!
  • Add Video with one click!
  • Add Lyrics with one click!

Wanna Make Music Online?

With Rapathorus™ music maker “Lab”, you can easily create music online. Rapathorus™ decided to launch its superb app to encourage people like you! People with love and passion for “Music” and “Music Making”. We have deliberated and conquered the challenges faced by people who have music running through their veins to provide the coolest, hippest music making platform in the world!